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---------------TOWARDS THE STUDENTS & GUARDIANS--------------------------

1. Students have to come to the school wearing the specified dress in clean manner. They must carry I-card and without proper uniforms they will not to be allowed to attend class.
2. If there is absence of the student in the class then that student will have to apply with the cause and guardian's signature.
3. For absence of more then 5 days, students have to carry doctor's certificate.
4.'Half Recess' will be entertained only if the student faces physical problems.
5. Violation of discipline in school is a punishable offence.
6. At any point ot time, if the property of school is damaged by any student,he/she will have to repay for that.
7. The students have to maintain the clean and disciplined atmosphere of the school.
8. All guardians are sincerely requested to join at the guardian meetings.
10. Students have to submit their projects to the teachers concerned before the given time .It will not be accepted after the time is over.
11. For any type of leave, students have to take the permission of the class teacher.
12. Students will not be allowed to carry or use mobile phone in the school premises.
13. Students will not be allowed to go to the XEROX, BANK, PANCHAYAT from the school.